CSC Screen


PERMASET NF SYSTEM is a 100% water base discharge ink system commonly used to print bright colors on dark ground shades. Upon adding the discharge agent Permaset works on the principals of discharging (strip) off the dyed ground shade and simultaneously replace it with a pigment print color. If discharging fabric is not available or discharging is not permitted, booster is added to achieve similar effect.

This system consists of a ready for used Permaset NF White, Permaset NF Clear Base, Permaset NF Pro White, Permaset Booster and Discharge agent. All Permaset NF products are low VOC.
Cotton and Cotton Blend dyed with vinyl sulfone reactive dyestuff with good to excellent discharging level.
  • Use only water resist direct in direct emulsion. Over expose stencil are recommended for assurance of stencil the durability. Under expose stencil may cause pinhole leaking.
  • Mesh recommended range from 39 to 77 metric counts. Finer mesh is for detail and normally will be chosen as the last screen color.
  • Screen tension for manual printing on a manual machine should not be lesser than 20 Newton. As for automatic machine always use no lesser than 30 Newton. Low Screen tension will result smearing and low detail print.
Squeegee hardness recommended for wet on wet printing should not be more than 65 sore and not less than 50 sore. A double hardness squeegee will be good, e.g. 90/55. Silicone pads are to be used to accomplish the soft table effect on an automatic machine pellet.
Permaset System will release off odor and can be irritating and obnoxious to many people during the discharging take place. Therefore a good ventilated and exhaust system dryer are recommended. The discharging temperature is at 150°C and the completion of the discharging and color polymerization will take a minimum of 120 seconds. Minimum airflow recommended is 2500 cfm to assure that the print will not retain odors and unwanted residue.
Always start printing with the darkest color first. The lightest color was printed last for excellent color brightness. Flood screen after every print stroke for good ink deposit when printing. Use low squeegee pressure for a maximum ink deposit on fabric. Heavy squeegee pressure will cause poor quality discharging, heavy color penetrate through the fabric and heavy hand feel.

Place printed garment immediately into the dryer once printing completed.