CSC Screen


With our continuity afford in supporting green, this year we are proudly introducing our new innovation development in our green screen ink the “Elaeisol”. The “Elaeisol” comes from the simplify words of the scientific name of edible oil Elaeis oleifera (Oil Palm).

EES (Short form for Elaeisol) is our first generation of waterbase ink using the state of art bio reaction technology in veggie oleo product for producing a VOC free RFU waterbase ink.

EES print are total VOC free, its gives excellent color vibrant, excellent hand feel, excellent washing fastness, excellent crocking fastness, excellent opacity, excellent printability, tack free, and most of all it will be able to meet all the requirement in E1 compliant listing.

EES are also air dry self-crosslink which means lower energy consumption. EES consist of White, Opaque Base and Clear.
Cotton, Blends Cotton Polyester.
  • Use only water resist direct in direct emulsion. Extensive expose stencil after preparations are recommended for assurance of stencil the durability.
  • Mesh recommended range from 41 to 120 metric counts. Finer mesh is for detail and normally will be chosen as the last screen color.
  • Minimum screen tension should not be lesser than 25 Newton. Too low screen tension will result smearing and low detail print.
  • Squeegee hardness recommended for wet on wet printing should not be more than 65 sore, double hardness squeegee recommended (55/90/55).
  • Soft pellets with silicone pads are recommended on automatic machine pellet.
EES can air dry, in situation where dryers are used to speed up drying of ink, a good airflow IR dryer are recommended. (Minimum IR heat force air of 50cmm.)
Always start printing with the lightest color first. The darkest color was printed last for excellent color brightness. Flood screen after every print stroke for good ink deposit when printing. Use low squeegee pressure for a maximum ink deposit on fabric. Heavy squeegee pressure will cause heavy penetration and will effect on the hand feel quality as well as the print fastness and the color brilliancy.