CSC Screen


Enviroplus System

Envirolplus EC Series is our Phthalate-free Plastisol series, completed with our Color Matching System. It is ready for use out of its can. It consists of Enviroplus EC White PF, Enviroplus EC 750M PF, and 13 Enviroplus EC Pigments for color matching application.

Envirolplus EC Series is an extremely good products on poorly prepared fabric where ghosting images commonly occur, it can also be used for applications where ultimate fastness and stretching properties are required, such as for sponge rib knit material. Envirolplus EC Series is also recommended for printing thick screen due to its high solid, high creamy viscosity and excellent ink built-up properties.
Cotton, Blends Cotton Polyester, Blend Rayon Polyester, and Polyester.

Envirolplus EC Series can be used direct from can for maximum opacity on dark ground fabric.

Envirolplus EC Series can be used together with our CMS and CREST for accurate color matching based on customer’s color requirements. For more information, please visit
Used duo-cure, direct in direct emulsion. Capillary film are recommended for High density printing. Check with your emulsion supplier for details.)

Mesh Type
  • 32T mono-filament for high opacity.
  • 49T mono-filament for manual printing and high opacity.
  • 49s mono-filament for high density.
  • 54T to 77T mono-filament for detail print on manual printing
  • 69 to 120T for detail on Machine printing
For maximum opacity 55/75 sore hardness squeegees are recommended. Medium hard print tables are most suitable. We will suggest that a silicon rubber, are to be place on top of the printing pellet to improve the printing table hardness. For detail printing used middle hardness range (75 /85 sore) sharp squeegee.
Flashing temperature are 100°C without dwell time on an automatic machine. For optimum curing, prints are to be cure at 150 °C. Airflow recommended is 2000m3 /min.
Eco-friendly Detergent, Mineral Spirits (White Spirits) or Organic Plastisol screen wash.
Keep inks indoors and store in a cool area. Recommend storage at room temperature. Avoid storage in direct sunlight or in extreme temperature conditions.