About Us

CSC Screen Process Supplies Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1992 and founded by Mr Chew Chee Seng, a veteran in the screen printing industry in both Malaysia and at an international level. We have about 30 years’ hand-on experience in ink usage and screen printing. With the knowledge of ink usage in the screen printing industry, CSC Screen has revolutionized the screen printing industry. Into the future, we are moving toward digitalization through our Rei Technology.

As part of our continuous improvement process, CSC Screen obtained ISO 9001:2015 compliance in 2017. This is testimony to our focus on producing high quality products, and is consistent with our objective of becoming an integrated and systematic company with high workforce productivity.

With the recent establishment of our Design and Development Textile Laboratory, we are able to evaluate screen and hybrid digital printing quality requirements based on AATCC and ISO standard testing method.

In line with our company philosophy "Customized Screen Choices", CSC Screen continues to strive for higher standards and achievements in the screen printing and hybrid digital ink industry.

Some of our important milestones over the years include:
Year Milestone
1995 CSC Screen revolutionizes dark technology printing by introducing the very first "Waterbase Genesis Ink Series".
1996 Due to increased Asian demand for PVC Plastisol, CSC Screen launches the first Malaysian-made Plastisol to the domestic market.
1998 CSC Screen took a step further by exporting Malaysian-made Plastisol to neighboring ASEAN countries.
2002 CSC Screen launched the very first Phatalate free series Plastisol due to the European Market requirements.
2003 Due to our major textile customer requirements, CSC Screen introduced the first Ecosol Series and the "PVC & Phatalate Free waterdispercible ink series".
2004 CSC Screen took a step further to promote environment care by launching the very first waterbase APEO-free Rubberize ink.
2012 CSC Screen had successfully registered our own trademark under the provision of the Trade Mark Act 1976 and the Trade Marks Regulations 1997.
2013 CSC Screen had installed solar cell at CSC Factory to make our ink greener. Every drop of ink in CSC Screen is produced by solar power.
2016 CSC Screen has taken another step forward launching into the digital industry by launching our Ecosol E1 DTG System.
2017 In line with CSC Screen business expansion to the European screen printing and digital printing market, CSC publishing our Eco-passport certification by OEKO-Tex to all our customers.
2018 CSC Screen proudly introducing Zeus V Hybrid Printer which compliance with Ecosol E1 DTG series.