CSC Screen


Our E1 Program started in 2007 and was founded on our belief of a “Better World for Us Tomorrow Starting from Ourselves Today”.

At CSC Screen, we are always mindful of how our business impacts our environment, including carcinogenic discharge, marine biology, pollution, and ozone depletion.

Our business philosophy is ensuring that our products are not detrimental to mankind and our environment. We practice this across all our business activities including:

Caring for our Environment

Sustainable resources

Every drop of ink is produced by solar power.

Raw Materials are audited to ensure they are free from known health hazards and produced from sustainable sources.

Suppliers are audited to ensure compliance with our E1 Standard which meets all major textile regulations and standards such as Nike RSL, Adidas A01 and Oeko-Tex.

Minimizing the use of substances that are carcinogenic, e.g., Azo Dyes, Formaldehyde and Phthalates. At CSC Screen, this is a continuous improvement process.

Wastewater treatment

Water Treatment System for wastewater to ensure that discharge is not harmful to our environment.

Every batch of wastewater will undergo wastewater treatment process before being discharged. Wastewater testing is conducted weekly and test results are sent to an external laboratory for checking to ensure adherence to DOE Standard B Parameter.

Water based sludge waste is routinely collected by external body for proper disposal.

Extensive Testing & Compliance

Based on guidelines and requirements from global brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and Levis, CSC has developed our own in-house RSL List.

All the testing and detection methods are based on the major textile organization testing procedure such as AATCC, ISO and Oeko-Tex. Some of the testing is conducted internally while others require us to work hand in hand with an accredited external laboratory.

We conduct in-house testing of Chrome 6, Formaldehyde and PVC. We have also appointed SGS Taiwan, Bureau Veritas Singapore, Bureau Veritas Hong Kong, Intertek Singapore, and ACL United States to conduct our external testing.