Burnout System

Burnout printing is a special effect printing achieve on print that came from a combination effort of printing and laundry.

Burnout System consists of a Burno paste. The paste is printed onto polyester blend fabrics which the cotton portion was oxidize off from the blend polyester fabric.

Laundry will remove the residues and the core polyester is developed upon the completion of the washing process.

Polyester Cotton (Core-twist), Core Spun or Spun Blend.

  • Water resistant, direct in direct emulsion are recommended for burnout printing.
  • Use 49s to 54s mono-multi filament mesh for good penetration of ink onto fabric.

  • Minimum screen tensions for printing wet on wet using an automatic machine are 25 Newton.
  • For optimal result use 55/65 sore hardness squeegee. Soft table and higher squeegee gives the optimal ink penetration.

  • For maximum burning, prints are to be cured at 150 to 160°C or 310 to 360°F for 2 to 3 minutes. Airflow recommended is 1500 to 3000 cfm or 55~65cmm for proper oxidation.
  • Upon completion of thermal oxidation, the burnout print should only appear pale to mid-brown in color. The residues of oxidize cotton must be removed by washing
  • Over burning of the cotton (Brown or black color) will be more difficult to wash. Enzymes are recommended for difficult washing

Preliminary test should be carried out on fabric prior washing. If washing present difficulties due to over burning, fiber should be loosening mechanically and enzyme are recommended.

In normally process, rinsing and washing at warm water at 60 degree Celsius are sufficient to remove carbonized cellulose.

Standard Washing Recipe

  • 1-2g/l - soda ash
  • 0.5 to 1 g/l Ind. - Washing Detergent
  • Bath temperature 60 to 80 degree Celsius

Standard Washing Procedures

  • Rinse with cold water
  • Soap with Ind. Washing Detergent at 60 to 90 degrees Celsius
  • Rinse with cold water
  • Spin
  • Tumble until fully dry

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