Cracking System

This system consists of two different pastes which are Cracking White AF and Cracking ClearAF.

Cracking White AF is a high opaque white and Cracking Clear AF is translucent white, which both of them form a super hard dry film with low coalescing properties when dry.

These are ready for use water base cracking ink that can be screen printed immediate out of its can.

Cracking White AF is an excellent product for use on dark fabrics where maximum opacity with cracking finish is required, where else Cracking Clear is highly translucent base which can be used in conjunction with a wide range of waterbase pigment concentrated to achieve desire colors of crack print.

In general, washing properties for Cracking Series are on the average requirement.

Cotton and Blends are recommended.

Used only water resistant, direct in direct emulsion.

  • 43S/110S-49S/120S mono-filament at 20 Newton for high opacity by using GNS System.
  • 39T/100T-51T/130T mono-filament at 20 Newton for cracking paste with emulsion thickness of 200µm.

  • All underbase should be touch dry prior laying down the cracking paste.
  • To achieve even cracking, all intermediate cracking color is to be cool air dry at temperature below 50°C/122°F.
  • Final drying and cracking are suggested at 150°C/302°F for 3 minutes with Airflow recommended are 2500 cfm/70.79cmm for proper polymerization.

  • For maximum opacity 50/60 durometer hardness squeegees are recommended for underbase.
  • To achieve an excellent cracking effect use 45/55 durometer hardness squeegees.
  • Soft tables are most and multiple squeegee strokes are recommended to improve on cracking ink deposit.

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