Ecosol E1 Cold Foil Adhesive

CSC innovative in foil effect printing had again making a breakthrough in multi-color foil lamination on automatic presses. Our Ecosol E1 Cold Foil Adhesive gives good washing fastness, good elastomeric, excellent hand feel and easy application for multiple foil application even on an automatic press. Ecosol E1 Cold Foil Adhesive can even be printed on synthetic fabric like filament polyester and nylon for foil transferring with good washing fastness and adhesion properties.

Cotton, Blends Cotton Polyester, Blend Rayon Polyester, Rayon, Denim, Polyester and certain Nylon.

  • Always print an underbase with Ecosol E1 Clear prior printing the adhesive.
  • Print Ecosol E1 Cold Foil Adhesive, follow by flash curing with jet air flow flash (25 to 30 cmm-1) cure till ink fully dry prior lamination of foil with an automatic foil laminator.
  • Repeat step 1 until complete all the colors that your design required.
  • All Ecosol E1 Cold Foil Adhesive should be fully dry prior applying the subsequence foil in multiple colors foil processing.
  • Caution! Non dry Ecosol E1 Cold Foil Adhesive prints will stick on to the next foil paper or causing non complete foil releasing.
  • Press the complete multi-colors foil prints at 180oC for approximately 10 seconds using heat press.
  • Additional of 2 to 5% of CBA NF will enhance the foil washing fastness performance.

Used dual cure water resistant photo emulsion. (Call your emulsion supplier for water resist emulsion)

  • 39S mono-filament to 63S mono-filament or 1000 to 1500 multi-mono filament mesh (Nitoku).
  • Emulsion thickness at ±50 micron.
  • Minimum 25 Newton screen tension are required.

  • For optimum result use 60/70 sore hardness squeegee.
  • Always use bevel squeegees.
  • Use low squeegee pressure within 20 to 30 psi.
  • To avoid foil sticking during multiple colors foiling process, hard table are recommended.

For maximum fastness, prints are to be cure at 150°C for 2 minutes with air flow at 55 cmm-1.

Always flood screen when completed every printing stroke, this is to prevent ink from drying on screen. CBA NF are recommended at 2 to 3% for nature fabric and for syntactic 5 to 8% are commonly being use.

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