Ecosol E1 DTG 281 & 282

Ecosol E1 DTG 281 & Ecosol E1 DTG 282 are another innovation of CSC for the motif impression sector with our new generic of non PVC, non-Phthalate and Formaldehyde free high solid content, hybrid of waterbase thermoplastic acrylic with silicones which meets our E1 compliance.

DTG on dark fabric had always been difficult, common problem of DTG on dark using inkjet white are inkjet nozzle clogging, poor washing and crocking fastness. With our new Ecosol E1 DTG 281 or 282 these problems will be history of the past.

Ecosol E1 DTG 281 or 282 are hybrid high solid waterbase ink. Ecosol E1 DTG 281 or 282 are excellent product for use in printing of high opacity underbase white ready for receptive of most inkjet ink for dark shade to light color fabrics where excellent finish, elastomeric and soft hand feel are required. Motive printed by DTG process colors on Ecosol E1 DTG 281 or 282 will have excellent elastomeric properties, good washing fastness properties, good crocking properties and high color brilliancy

Cotton, Blends Cotton Polyester, Polyester, Nylon and Stretchable Syntactic Fabric.

Printers are advised to use only water resistant, direct in direct emulsion.

  • 32T~52S mono-multi filament for under base white.
  • 53~120S mono-multi filament for detail and tone on fabric.

Base White
Ecosol E1 DTG 281 or 282 is recommended to be use direct as underbase white.

Digital Over Printing
Overprint your digital design on the underbase Ecosol E1 DTG 281 or 282 while ink are wet. No intermediate flash cure are required.

  • 55/65 sore hardness :For excellent opacity on printing under base white, are recommended.
  • 65/75 sore hardness :For detail and fine toning effect.

For maximum fastness, Ecosol E1 DTG 281 or 282 with over printing of Ecosol E1 DTG CP Process are to be cure at 150ºC at 2000 cfm/55cmm for 90 seconds.

Ecosol E1 DTG 281 & 282 are completely green which meets the E1 standard of safety requirements, it is nonvolatile (waterbase) and was made from material that is non-carcinogenic and non-hazardous to the environment.