Ecosol E1 Suede

Ecosol E1 Suede is a new generic suede or leather effect hybrid of waterbase thermoplastic acrylic with silicones which meets our E1 compliance. Ecosol E1 Suede hybrid is a high solid waterbase ink. Ecosol E1 Suede is an excellent product for use of printing depth dark shade on light color fabrics where soft hand feel, leather and suede touch with excellent elastomeric can be obtain. Motive printed with Ecosol E1 Suede will have good high density build up and good washing fastness properties. Ecosol E1 Suede consists of Suede White and Suede Base. Printers are recommended to match colors using Cassee Pigments concentrated colors for optimum colors and performance.

Cotton, Blends Cotton Polyester and some stretchable syntactic fabric.

Printers are advised to use only water resistant, direct in direct emulsion. Avoid using screen hardener or enhancer, as this product will also react with the resin in the ink system and speed up the filming process.

  • 32T~43T mono-filament for high uneven puffing effect.
  • 49~52S mono-multi filament for smooth leather suede effect.
  • 77~120S mono-multi filament for detail print with softhand effect.

  • 55/65 sore hardness :For high deposit of ink and puff effect.
  • 65 sore hardness :For sharp edge details.
  • 75/85 sore hardness :For softhand and fine toning effect.

For maximum fastness, prints are to be cure at 130ºC/266°F. Airflow recommended is 2000 cfm/ 56cmm for 3 minutes.

Ecosol E1 Suede System is completely green which meets the E1 standard of safety requirements, it is nonvolatile (waterbase) and was made from material that is non-carcinogenic and non-hazardous to the environment.