Ecosol II Autumn System

Ecosol II Autumn is a two pot brittle (or cracking) ink for our eco-solution ink. Ecosol II Autumn is a PVC, Phthalate and Formaldehyde free, E1 standard ink for achieving brittle or crispy cracking effect similar to the autumn dried leaves brittleness.

Autumn Series are sold in 2 parts. Part A (Autumn Catalyst) which is an additive and it's used at the ratio of 1:1 with Part B (Autumn Base or Autumn White).

Normally Autumn White is use for products that required whiteness or opacity.

Cotton, Blends Cotton Polyester, and some Syntactic Fabrics.

39 to 59 metric mesh counts with high solid contain emulsion for thick screen at approximately 200 micron thickness are recommended. (Refer to your stencil suppliers)

Soft squeegees at 65 sore hardness are recommended.

For maximum fastness, prints are to be cure at a minimum of 160°C, if below or as recommended by the manufacturer. Airflow recommended is 1500 cfm for 120 seconds for ink deposit of 100 micron.

Keep ink in an indoor condition away from direct sunlight. Once bases and catalyst are added, ink can only be store for 30 days (check mixed ink condition prior using)

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