Ecosol II CMX System

Ecosol II CMX System is another CSC customer service innovation in color management and formulation for our eco-solution ink that is PVC, Phthalate and Formaldehyde free. This ink system is a 100 percent solid environmental friendly plastisol ink.

It is a ready to use with high elastomeric non air-dry ink that can be screen direct out of its can. Ecosol II CMX System is an excellent product to use for printing depth dark shade on dark color fabrics where excellent elastomeric and hand feel is required.

Cotton, Blends Cotton Polyester and some Nylon.

Printers are advice to use only direct in direct emulsion. Capillary film are recommended for high density printing (Call your emulsion supplier for water resist emulsion).

Mesh Type

  • 32T~77T monofilament for solid graphic design.
  • 77~90T monofilament for underbase and details.
  • 120T monofilament for detail print or for out line and process printing.

For maximum fastness, prints are to be cure at 160°C, airflow recommended is 2000 cfm for 120 seconds for ink deposit thickness below 35 micron. Flashing curing temperature for underbase white are 130°C for 20 seconds, to prevent platen from over heated, IR Quartz flash cure are recommended.

65 squeegees hardness are recommended for printing excellent opacity when printing under base white. Soft tables are most suitable for opacity and high-density effect. Silicon rubber is suggest to be place on top of the printing pellet to improve the printing table hardness. Squeegee hardness of 65/75 sore was recommended for wet on wet multi color printing. Squeegee hardness of 75/85 was recommended for detail and fine toning effect.

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