Ecosol II GL System

Ecosol II GL is an eco-solution thick film colors with night glow inks that is design with PVC, Phthalate and Formaldehyde free raw material and is a "Plastisol simulated" ink system. It is use for high density night glow effect in most safety wear design application. Ecosol II GL series is also being used in high density multi colors glow in the dark transfer printing system.

Ecosol II GL Series consist of night glow white, night glow blue, night glow yellow, night glow green, night glow orange, night glow red, night glow pink, and night glow magenta. All night glow colors are translucent by nature as light travel through the transparent ink and energy are absorbed.

Cotton, Blend, Polyester, Polyester Lycra, Polyester, and certain polyester High-tech fabric.

32 – 53T mono-filament mesh are recommended.

Squeegee hardness recommended for printing should be 55 shore hardness.

160°C, airflow 2000 cfm, 2 minutes.

Nike, Adidas


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