Ecosol II High Gloss Series

Ecosol II High Gloss is an eco-solution ink that is PVC, Phthalate and Formaldehyde free. It is "plastisol simulated" 100 percent solid acrylic binding system. This ink is an environmentally friendly simulated plastisol ink. It is ready for use with high elastomeric non air-dry ink with one pot system. Ecosol II High Gloss imparts high gloss effect that comparable with silicone ink. Ecosol II High Gloss has good elastomeric properties, high washing fastness properties and excellent printability. It is best applied as topcoat which gives transparent high gloss effect.

Application Tips
Ecosol II High Gloss Series is ready for use (one pot system). It should be stirred well before use, as it has tendency of forming false body during storage. For curing, Ecosol II High Gloss has to be flashed and be cured at optimum temperature. Do not stretch fabric while it is hot. Lids must be kept on the containers at all times.

Cotton, Blends Cotton and Polyester.


Printers are advised to use only direct in direct emulsion. Capillary film is recommended for high density printing.

43T~77T monofilament for solid graphic design.

For maximum fastness, prints are to be cured at 160°C or 320°F. Airflow recommended is 2000 cfm for 120 seconds at ink deposit thickness below 50 micron.

Squeegee with 65 shore hardness is recommended for round shape print effect whereas squeegee 70/75 shore hardness to get sharp edge print effect. Soft table is most suitable for high-density effect and off-contact needs to be used. We suggest under laying silicon rubber on top of the printing pallet to improve the printing table hardness.

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