Ecosol II Polygray

In countering today's polyester migration problems using the environmental care ink, CSC Screen Process Supplies had developed a solution. We are proud to introduce our Ecosol II Polygray base. This is an excellent product for use for printing brilliance light shade on dark color polyester fabrics where disperse dyestuff migration are common.

Most migration block ink in the market are made of Plastisol which gives poor hand feel, low elastomeric and poor washing properties, but Ecosol II Polygray base have the revert effect from all competitors product.

Blends Polyester Cotton, Polyester, Polyester Lycra, Polyester, and certain polyester High-tech fabric.

41 – 90T mono-filament mesh are recommended.

Squeegee hardness recommended for printing should be 65/90/65 shore hardness.

160°C, airflow 1500 cfm, 2 minutes.

Nike, Adidas


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