Elastiprint 414 System

Elastiprint 414 consist of Elastiprint 414 White, Clear and Opaque Base, This system is a high opaque with super elastromeric white, ready for use water base ink that can be screen or roller printed. It is an excellent product for use on dark color fabrics where maximum opacity is required.

In addition it can be used for applications where ultimate fastness properties are required, such as for denim, upholstery etc. Elastiprint 414 has good fastness properties on certain water-repellent fabric such as repellent nylon, repellent hybrid cotton or polyester (Coated), and coated denim.

Crocking fastness (wet and dry) for printed Elastiprint 414 have excellent result [4-5] if proper application method was applied.

Cotton, Blends, Blend Rayon Polyester, Rayon, Polyester, some Stretchable Nylon.

Used only water resistant, direct in direct emulsion. (Call your emulsion supplier for water resist emulsion)

  • 32T mono-filament for high opacity and excellent stretchable
  • 49T mono-filament for soft hand with medium opacity and stretchable
  • 54T mono-filament for detail print or for outline and course tone

  • For maximum opacity 55/65 sore hardness squeegees are recommended.
  • Soft tables are most suitable. We will suggest that a silicon rubber, are to be place on top of the printing pellet to improve the printing table hardness.
  • For detail printing used middle hardness range (65 /75 sore) sharp squeegee.

  • For maximum fastness, prints are to be cure at 150°C or 302°F for 60 seconds with Airflow recommended is 1500 cfm/ 42 cm³m.
  • Elastiprint 414 will also be room temperature cure by adding Catalyst AS100 with acceptable fastness properties.

Elastiprint 414 products are pack in 20 liters packing as well as 200 liters drum. Always store ink under shade at below 35°C/95°F. This product should not be prolonging to exposure to frost or below 0°C/32°F.

Elastiprint 414 System is total green with meets E1 standard on all RSL regulatory. Elastiprint 414 are nonvolatile (waterbase). Elastiprint 414 is made using renewable power (Power by Solar) and from material that is non carcinogenic and non environmental hazard.

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