Multi Profoiler & Screen Release

Multi Profoiler is high washing fastness, good elastomeric, excellent hand fell and multi foil applicable foil and flocking adhesive. It is an excellent product for use on dark color fabrics as well as light fabric for direct or transfer foiling or flocking. In a proper ratio within Multi Profoiler and transfer adhesive, Multi Profoiler can even be printed on certain types of water-repellent fabric included filament polyester or nylon for direct and transfer flocking and also for foil transferring with good washing fastness and adhesion properties.

Cotton, Blends Cotton Polyester, Blend Rayon Polyester, Rayon, Denim, Polyester and certain Nylon.

Used only water resistant, direct in direct emulsion. Capillary film are recommended for fine details printing (Call your emulsion supplier for water resist emulsion)

  • 49T mono-filament to 54T mono-filament.
  • Make sure emulsion thickness should not be more than 10 micron for foil transfer or table multi foiling.
  • Always make sure emulsion thickness should not be lesser than 50 micron for flocking application.


  • For optimum result on multi profoiler use 60/70 sore hardness squeegee.
  • To avoid foil sticking during multi foiling process hard table are recommended.
  • Optimum squeegee hardness for flocking is 55/65 sore hardness.
  • Soft tables are most suitable for flocking application.

  • For maximum fastness, prints are to be cure at 120 degree Celsius or 320 degree Fahrenheit for 3 minutes Air flow recommended are 3000 cfm for proper polymerization.
  • In condition where poor heat color fastness for flock are used, cold cure catalyst AS100 are recommended to bring down the curing temperature required.

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