RFU System

RFU P200 NF System is a formaldehyde free excellent soft hand pigment printing system used to print bright colors, fine resolution details and on light or white fabric.

RFU P200 NF is an upgraded version of RFU P200 which CSC had taken extra mileage in R&D to improve the open screen time of this printing ink system, lowering the hand feel as well as improve the wet and dry crocking performance.

CSC RFU is to be known as a existing excellent bench mark in the industry.

Cotton, Blends Cotton Polyester, Blend Rayon Polyester, Rayon, Denim, Polyester, Silk, Wool and Linen fabric.

  • Mesh recommended range from 41 to 120 metric counts
  • Screen tension be above 20 Newton for manual printing while 30 Newton for automatic machine printing

  • 50 - 65 shore hardness for optimum opacity
  • 90/55 shore for double hardness squeegee

130°C, airflow 1500 cfm, 2 minute.

Nike, Adidas


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