Rubber System

With our advance edible oleo-polymerization technology in supporting green, CSC is proudly introducing our rubberize series ink system.

Rubberize System consists of three Rubberize System which are M3000, M5000, M7000 with White, Clear and Opaque Base.

Rubberize System gives excellent color vibrant with excellent hand feel, excellent washing fastness, excellent crocking fastness, excellent opacity, excellent printability, tack free, and most of all, it will be able to meet all the requirement in our E1 compliant listing.

Rubberize System is able to be air dry and self-crosslink which consume very lower energy to complete its thermosetting process.

Cotton, Blends Cotton Polyester, Polyester, Rayon and a wide variety of nature fabric.

  • Use only water resist direct in direct emulsion. Extensive expose stencil after preparations are recommended for assurance of stencil the durability.
  • Mesh recommended range from 16 to 90 metric counts. (Depending on the series)
  • Minimum screen tension recommended should be above 20 to 25 Newton.(Depending on the series)

Rubberize System are air-dry with self-crosslinking polymer, in situation where humidity are high and room temperature are low, common thermosetting temperature recommendation are 150°C/302°F with force air of 1800cfm/50cmm for approximately 60 seconds.

Always start printing with the lightest color first. The darkest color was printed last for excellent color brightness. Flood screen after every print stroke for good ink deposit when printing as well as to prevent screen drying. Use low squeegee pressure for a maximum ink deposit on fabric. Heavy squeegee pressure will cause heavy penetration and will effect on the hand feel quality as well as the print fastness and the color brilliancy.

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