Xilicone Chrome System

CSC innovation in metallic and foil printing effect had once again lead us into developing a print foil effect with our Xilicone ink system which we are proudly introducing our Xilicone Chrome series silicone multi-color foil or Chroma colors silicone ink system.

CSC Xilicone Chroma Series are our silicone ink which comes in two-component Chroma metallic colors silicone paste rubber. These systems consist of a Xilicone Chrome Red, Xilicone Chrome Green, Xilicone Chrome Orange, Xilicone Chrome Yellow, Xilicone Chrome Green, Xilicone Chrome Magenta, Xilicone Chrome Blue, Xilicone Chrome Copper, Xilicone Chrome Gold, Xilicone Chrome Silver and its Catalyst which it is used at a ratio of 1:1.

Almost all Natural and Syntactic fiber textile materials.

  • “S” grade of mono-filament mesh are recommended for Xilicone printing.
  • Use 41S to 54S (100S~130S) mono-filament for high vibrant Chrome effect.

For optimum high density print effect, 55/90/65 sore triplet hardness squeegee is recommended.

Xilicone Chroma flash at 100°C/212°F. For complete polymerization Xilicone Chrome, prints are to be cure at 120°C/248°F for 1.5 minutes with Air flow recommended are 55cmm or 2000 cfm air.

Xilicone Chrome will be able to achieve optimum curing on prolong air exposure once it optimum curing temperature had been achieve.

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