CSC Screen


Hybrid DTG Zeus is CSC latest innovation on textile printing. With Zeus, user are now able to bring DTG print onto screen printing easily, providing a total solution by perfectly combining the best from screen printing and DTG. Its lightweight design and independent indexing system allow it available to be installed on most carousel printing machine on markets.

Powered by REi technology, a proprietary technology developed by CSC, Zeus Are able to standout from conventional hybrid DTG as it does not require a big housing to maintained its temperature and humidity, REi technology inks does not require numerous flash dry layer before digitizing image on top, ensuring energy saved. Without the needs of top-coat print, the print could achieve excellent washing (4-5 based on AATCC TM172) and crocking fastness (4-5 based on AATCC TM8), further reducing its energy requirement bring user a next step closer to a green future.

With REi technology Hybrid DTG Zeus are able to fully utilize the head space of a carousel printer. Together with advanced color management from Caldera RIP, Hybrid DTG Zeus will be expanding your imagination through digital color.

Zeus on different application

Hybrid DTG Zeus 37 solid color with 1 screen.
Hybrid DTG Zeus printing High mesh count fine details print.
Hybrid DTG Zeus on Discharge Printing.
Hybrid DTG Zeus on High Density Print.
Hybrid DTG Zeus on Cracking Print.
Hybrid DTG Zeus on Printing on Foil.

Zeus on different carousel machine

Zeus on TAS Compact.
Zeus on M&R Sportsman.
Zeus on Anatol.
Zeus on Workhorse.
Zeus on Lawson.