CSC Screen


In Can Stability

With nearly 30 years in the market and a deep understanding of the industry requirements, we have developed a stringent quality control system.

Quality Assurance in every can of our product is controlled by the ISO 9001 2015 operating procedure With the state of the lab equipment’s like FTIR, Rheometer, Spectrophotometer etc we are able to tighten our parameters and analyze the basic building block of our products from concept to delivery.

Customer Satisfaction

Besides providing cost effective products and prompt delivery, our design and development team work closely with our customers to go beyond the industrial standard test methods to developing specific testing requirements to meet the new generation apparels specified by merchandisers.

We ensure our product strictly follow international standard like AATCC, ECO PASSPORT by OEKO TEX®, and ZDHC to ensure our products are suitable for international mass production.

Health Hazard & Environmental Impact

In year 2007 CSC had implemented CSC E 1 program or CSC Environmental First program upon the realization and believing in having a better world for us tomorrow started from ourselves today.

CSC has worked out the E 1 program based on guidelines and requirements from most of the International Textile Purchaser such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and Levis and comes out with our own CSC E 1 RSL List.
All the testing and detection methods are based on the International Textile Purchaser where some of the testing can be conducted internally or cooperate with accredited external laboratory based on customer requirement.

Application Performance

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”

Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Each batch of inks produced by CSC will undergo application performance test, where we validate the products printability, curing condition, and versatility of our products Often, we will push the limit of our products, where we will be able to determine and or eliminate the performance bottle neck of our products These enable us to provide the best recommendation for our customer in satisfying their performance need on our products Each test is conducted under strict control of parameters, including mesh count, squeegee type, curing temperature, etc